01. She works as a salesrep for an advertising [agency].
02. Mary went to the travel [agency] this morning to pick up her plane ticket.
03. The [agency] which administers food banks is planning to expand to create a larger organization to service all the needs of the homeless.
04. My travel [agent] was able to get me a really cheap flight to Mexico.
05. They hired someone to replace the secretary for a week through some kind of [agency].
06. She works in a government [agency] that deals with refugee applications.
07. The little boy dreamed of becoming a secret [agent] like James Bond.
08. Carmen works for an [agency] that supplies temporary office staff to businesses around town.
09. In 1944, a modeling [agency] rejected Marilyn Monroe, saying "You'd better learn secretarial skills or get married."
10. There are always a lot of beautiful girls hanging around the modeling [agency] downtown.
11. The National Aeronautics and Space [Agency] is responsible for the flights of the space shuttles.
12. Teachers are powerful socialization [agents] because they are the human point of contact between pupils and the formal organization of the school.
13. As a social selection [agency], the school has the job of identifying, allocating and certifying talent.
14. Natalie hopes to study graphic art, and then work for some [agency] designing magazine advertisements.
15. Although there are several major car rental [agencies] in Libreville, the capital city of Gabon, rates are said to be incredibly expensive.
16. The United States is home to the United Nations and many of its [agencies], including the World Bank.
17. In May of 1960, Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann was found and captured by Israeli [agents] in Argentina.
18. Common sources of indoor air pollution include tobacco smoke, biological organisms, building materials and furnishings, cleaning [agents], copy machines, and pesticides.
19. The chemical balance of the brain which controls awareness can be radically altered by the introduction of external [agents].
20. The most important [agent] of erosion on our planet is running water.
21. Wave action is the major [agent] of erosion along coastal areas.
22. River systems are the major [agents] by which the Earth's surface is sculptured into a variety of landforms.
23. Fred Allen once suggested that an advertising [agency] is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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